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木が持っている柔らかさ、温かさ。木をキャンバスに見立て、アクリル絵の具と彫刻を組み合わせた 2.5 次元的表現の作品。

The softness and warmness of the wood.
On canvased wood panel, two techniques are combined.
The art of acrylic painting and the art of carving, creating 2.5 dimensions.

- Acrylic paint on a wood panel


- 2019.02.05 (tue) - 02.10 (sun)

  @ galerie LE MONDE


布の持つ柔らかさ。刺繍の力強さ。不均一なステッチから醸し出される不完全な面白さ。 針と糸という単純な道具で心の赴くままに描いた作品。


The fortitude of the embroidery against the softness of the cloth.
Incomplete pattern created by uneven stitching. A work drawn with simple tools only using needles and threads as the heart goes.

- Threads on cloth

- 2019.05.18 (sat) - 05.19 (sun)


make art now

"point of view"


今まで美しいと思っていたものはどう感じるのか。 視点を変えた歪みを表現した作品。


Only if our eyes were like fisheye lenses, how would we observe and value beauty?
How would we appreciate what we viewed until now?
A piece expressing distortion through different view perspectives.

- Acrylic paint on a wood panel

- 2019.08.09 (fri) - 08.18 (sun)